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Lyrics BONES - Ribs
Aye, skin and bones, so I'm ribbed like Balmains
Showed the world how to die, then it all changed
Fluid flowin' through my veins so war came
When I reappear with the rage from the dark age
On the other hand, fuck it
I'd rather let it build so when I unleash, they can't duck it
The Underworld's finest, the graveyard's beloved
Thrash my skull just to see my chains jumpin'
Valentino glisten, make ya whole vision fuzzy
Corpse hands swingin', leave ya whole section bloody
Tell us one more time how you fuckin' all these hoes
Cut to you in five years, at the bar alone
Sad little man, so you blame it on us
No, you not a has-been, you a never-was

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