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  • Category:Hip-Hop, Rap
  • Listened:765
  • Size:~ 1,48 Mb
  • Duration: 0:39
  • Bitrate: 320 kbps
  • Date: 23/05/2020
  • Tags: tik-tok
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Here you can download free ringtone Joker (Intro) from Dax in two formats (mp3 for Android, m4r for iOS), duration 0:39 seconds, bitrate 320 kbps and filesize ~ 1,48 Mb. Ringtone Dax - Joker (Intro) - added to the site 23/05/2020, currently has 765 views/downloads by users. To download the ringtone, use the buttons below.

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Lyrics Dax - Joker (Intro)
Give me the beat and a mic
Give me the freedom to write
Give me the vision to see my demons and beat ’em at night
Give me the pen and the pad
Give me a couple of stans
Gave you a percentage but I’m taking home all of the bag
Give me definitive and unlimited amounts of people loving me and
Call upon everybody who came before and tell them to come and inject me with whatever they’re smoking man, I’m sick!
But I think you know that already
You call me evil but how would you know it unless you live it already
You think you’re better right?
Because nobodies seen what you’ve done in the dark but if I put your life in this light you would crumble and fight to survive or die but bitch I fucking knew that already
I ain’t special
But I specialize in making you feel especially stupid for judging a human
While you sit at home and whole world judge can’t watch what you doing or follow and hate all your movements
I ain’t complaining but I know the people who do it are sicker than me and I’m sick enough I might just lose it
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