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NLE Choppa

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  • Category:Hip-Hop, Rap
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  • Size:~ 1,43 Mb
  • Duration: 0:37
  • Bitrate: 320 kbps
  • Date: 22/08/2020
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Here you can download free ringtone Shotta Flow 3 from NLE Choppa in two formats (mp3 for Android, m4r for iOS), duration 0:37 seconds, bitrate 320 kbps and filesize ~ 1,43 Mb. Ringtone NLE Choppa - Shotta Flow 3 - added to the site 22/08/2020, currently has 1 153 views/downloads by users. To download the ringtone, use the buttons below.

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Lyrics NLE Choppa - Shotta Flow 3
I might just K.O., the Perc' up in my Faygo
Run up on me wrong, turn his head into a bagel
On the opposition block, just like a Lego
I'm big homie, bitch, so you know that I got say-so

What you say?
Yeah, man, know what the fuck goin' on
NLE Choppa, nigga (Bitch)
Shotta Flow 3 (Yeah)
Nigga can get beat (Yeah), I don't fuck with the police (Fuck 12, bitch, bitch)
Fuck he talkin' 'bout? (Yeah)
What I say? (Crip)
Ayy (Crip), yeah (Crip), yeah (Crip), yeah

Every show that I do, bitch, you know that I rock it (Huh?)
The mic in my hand, but the Glock in my pocket (Bitch)
These niggas keep dissin', I guess I'm the topic
These bullets gon' knock the knowledge out his noggin
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