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Here you can download free ringtone Sleepy Hollow from Trippie Redd in two formats (mp3 for Android, m4r for iOS), duration 0:36 seconds, bitrate 320 kbps and filesize ~1.36 Mb. Ringtone Trippie Redd - Sleepy Hollow - added to the site 9/10/2020, currently has 821 views/downloads by users. To download the ringtone, use the buttons below.

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Lyrics Trippie Redd - Sleepy Hollow
Feel like Ichigo, nigga, I'm a hollow (Yeah)
Talk down on the gang, you can get some hollows (Yeah, ha)
Leave a nigga head lit, Sleepy Hollow (Bah, phew)
Pull up in a Dark Knight Murciélago (Skrrt)
And I'm duckin', dodging 12 and the potholes (Fuck 12, yeah)
I was raised by the motherfuckin' Glock, woah
Chopper hit him, make a nigga Diddy Bop, woah
Chopper hit him, make a nigga Milly Rock, woah (Woo, woo)

(Ha) Send a couple shells (Shells, bah)
Send a pussy nigga straight to hell (Yeah)
I got racks (Racks), clientele (Yeah)
Brodie called, he won't be makin' bail (Bail)
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