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DaniLeigh - Monique
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Clip for the song DaniLeigh - Monique
Lyric DaniLeigh - Monique
Ice out thе Rollie, roll down the streets
Flooded 'causе life is a beach (Yeah)
You cannot hear me 'cause I'm out of reach (Hey)
All type of designer, expectin' my grief (Yeah)
That's how I started my week (Ooh), big money speech (Yeah)
Nothin' I'm talkin' is cheap (Yeah)
I just might spin through your block in my Jeep
Big money speech and my pockets Monique

You know we don't speak (Speak, speak, speak, speak, speak, speak, ayy)
Tint it all black, and my window, know you all cheap (Cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap)

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