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On this page you can download the original ringtone GHOSTEMANE - Vagabond. Before you download a ringtone, you can listen to it first and make sure of its quality. To do this, click "Listen". To download it in *.mp3 and *.m4r format, click on the "Download MP3 ringtone" and "Download M4R ringtone" button. Here you can download free ringtone Vagabond from GHOSTEMANE in two formats (mp3 for Android, m4r for iOS), duration 0:37 seconds, bitrate 320 kbps and filesize ~1.42 Mb. Ringtone GHOSTEMANE - Vagabond - added to the site 24/10/2020, currently has 1 968 views/downloads by users. To download the ringtone, use the buttons below.

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Lyrics GHOSTEMANE - Vagabond
It all started when you

Left me for dead, now I've been a wreck
And momma told me daddy ain't gonna be back
And she told me I'm the man now, I guess I'm the man now
Think I need a plan now, uh (Ah)
Must've been nothing but a jit
Buck teeth, cut like a bowl so that you know
Started from the bottom, fighting all the way up up
I never wanna go back down
Update, I felt great for a minute straight
Call my shrink and tell him I made a mistake
If only I could delete all the pain
And upload all the things I wanted to be
Bled from my lip, bit down on it
Feel the pain and a taste so metallic
Soulless, I learned to live without it
But I'ma make if out of this so count on it
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