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Clip for the song Freddie Dredd - Darko
Lyric Freddie Dredd - Darko
I-I-I-I-I'm the one who gonna tell you what the fuck to do
Swing the axe so fast it's gonna split your head to two
Beated up this beat is fucked, you better fucking run
Pull out the Gat then let it splat; the blood it taste like rum
Steppin' out the function, I see double, ain't no trouble
All I do is stumble, can you hear me fuckin' mumble?
I just got the plan so it's sticking on my mind
You so weak, I hear you speak, I see it in your eyes
Can you tell that Freddie's pacing? You gon' meet demise
I can't deny what this imply that you gon' fucking die
Runnin' out of breath, I think it's just gon' take some time
Take a look back at your motherfucking life (fuckin li-)

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