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  • Category:Hip-Hop, Rap
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  • Date: 3-02-2020
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Lil Durk - Green Light
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Lyric Lil Durk - Green Light
Give that boy this message (let's get it), can't wait 'til foenem catch you (yeah)
Keep callin' me a rapper, I might be the one to stretch you (be the one to stretch you)
He claimin' that he gang, the only reason foenem loved him (let's get it)
I told him he a bitch, he ain't on shit, he nothin' special (what)
I just brought four strikers (strikers), foenem and them desperate (let's go)
But I just took the keys 'cause foenem arguin' over Teslas
Why you think that he gon' ride for you? He gon' do what I tell him (gang)
I don't stop at red lights anyway, it's green light when they catch you (yeah, yeah)
Grab that TEC, nah, ay (let's get it), grab that MAC, ay
Talkin' behind my back, nah, nigga (let's get it), he a rat, yeah
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