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Oh Darling Freddie Dredd

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  • Date: 6-02-2020
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Clip for the song Freddie Dredd - Oh Darling
Lyric Freddie Dredd - Oh Darling
A-A-All around the world
Bitches dead, I make them hurl
Chillin' with my fucking girl
Double team, that rob a pearl
Off her neck, slit, dip
Don't stop, I'mma get the guap'
Freddie never gonna flop
Creeping up and killing cops
Too strapped up
Get some buck, till I'm stuck
Heavy metal, pushin' weight, guess who gonna die today?
I'm a runnin' man, I'm a gunnin' man, you's a pussy fam
Fuck you think you boujee man?
Popping out ya mama's van
I got two whole toolies
Busting Glocks I fucking knew it
I'm the one that fucking grew it
You the one to fucking do it
I'm gonna finish it, you better run it bitch
Give it up now, give it up or else you gonna drown
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