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Lyric Lil Tecca - Never Left
To money, a addict, yeah, yeah, the money and baddies, yeah, yeah
Got so much packs on me, you would think I be trappin', yeah, yeah
I guess that's what happens, yeah, yeah, when you really got it, yeah, yeah
Know it's gon' be easy to me (To me), I got a bankroll (Bankroll)
Shooters doing what I say so (Say so), 'cause they on payroll (Payroll)
I got all purple on my shoes, I look like Saints Row (Saints Row)
If I let you take my flick, you better catch my angle (Angle)
Yeah, Vercetti, want no vibes, came back like I never left (Brr)
Said that she gon' let me hit, came back, now she undressed (Yeah, yeah)
Thought you got my real love, girl, that was another test (Oh, woah)
Vercetti, want no vibes, came back like I never left (Left)
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