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Fake Love (TikTok Remix) BTS

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Clip for the song BTS - Fake Love (TikTok Remix)
Lyric BTS - Fake Love (TikTok Remix)
I wanna be a good man just for you
Sesangeul jwossne just for you
Jeonbu bakkwosseo just for you
Now I dunno me, who are you?
Urimanui sup neoneun eopseosseo
Naega wassdeon route ijeobeoryeosseo
Nado naega nuguyeossneunjido jal moreuge dwaesseo
Geoureda jikkeoryeobwa neoneun daeche nuguni
Neol wihaeseoramyeon nan
Seulpeodo gippeun cheok hal suga isseosseo
Neol wihaeseolamyeon nan
Apado ganghan cheok hal suga isseosseo
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