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Clip for the song Lil Tecca - Bussin Bussin
Lyric Lil Tecca - Bussin Bussin
Oh, oh
(Hey Rvssian)
Eliantte, it's bussin', bussin' (Bussin', bussin')
And my bitch, yeah, she's bussin', bussin' (Bussin', bussin')
Countin' Benji's, I'm runnin' hundreds (Runnin' hundreds)
Know that shawty, she fuckin', fuckin' (Fuckin', fuckin')
I remember I was nothin', nothin' (Bop)
Yeah, that wasn't too long ago (Long ago)
'Member bitches, they was frontin', frontin'
Now these bitches on me when I'm on the road
I don't pay no attention (Yeah)
On the block, nigga, when I bend it (Bend it, yeah)
That's a hollow, nigga, what I'm sending (Sending, yeah)
Tryna diss, nigga, I'm offended (Uh)
Fendi, nigga, not offended (Offended, uh)
Everything owned, not rentеd (Wrong)
Everything owned, not stained (Stainеd)
Everything owned, that's mine (Mine)
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