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Lyric Tyler & The Creator - Juggernaut
Ride to the dinner tapin'
Outta time and imagine her in the exit
Last year more than what Google say my net is
I got chatter with the chef in the tinted exit (Like, whoa)
Yeah, uh, uh, uh, whoa
It's the double P, I rock double C
Man, I run them beats like you run in cleats
Man, come to me, you want somethin' to see
This internally flawed, that's a double Vs
What troubles me is you couple me
With these subtle fleas tryna double league
Hornet trapped in the hive of a motherfuckin' bumblebee
They just got the closest picture of the fuckin' sun surface, that was us
Got the LaFerrari, park that bitch just for one purpose, catchin' dust
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