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Ransom (Slowed + Reverb) Lil Tecca

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Clip for the song Lil Tecca - Ransom (Slowed + Reverb)
Lyric Lil Tecca - Ransom (Slowed + Reverb)
I know that I'm gone
They see me blowing up, now they say they want a song
I got two twin Glocks, turn you to a dancer
I see two twin opps, leave 'em on a banner
And I got two thick thots, wanna lick the gang, yeah
I got red, I got blue, what you want?
The Chanel or Balenciaga, Louis and Vuitton
She know I got the Fendi, Prada when I hit Milan
I needed me a die or rider, I need me the one
I started from the bottom, you could see the way I stunt
I want all the diamonds
I want that shit to weigh a ton
The opps they tryna line me
'Cause they hate the place I'm from
But them niggas don't know me
They just know the place I'm from
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