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Lyrics The Future Kingz - 3 Vets
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, ayy
Walk up in dat bit' too clean, I’m froze (Froze)
They don’t fight you where I’m from
Like the beat, I keep a drum
You ain’t got dough lil' boy, you a bum (Ayy)
She gave me brain that bit' so dumb (So dumb)
Used to be broke, I ain’t have no funds
Now I spend it just for fun
Eat at Harold’s just for lunch (Ayy)
Walk up in dis bitch wit da VVS
Can’t get my 'Gram 'cause I don’t do the text
Don’t give a damn 'bout how you flex
Pull up with cubans all over my neck
Tec gon' blam don’t care who next
See me and kinfolk, you see three vets
I’m at the show, better have my check
Choppa gon' blow if you disrespect us
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