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Lyric Pop Smoke - Merci Beaucoup
Catch a opp and I'm takin' his jewelry, catch a opp and I'm takin' his jewelry
Look, I said, "Don't get it twisted, just 'cause I smile a lot, that don't mean I'm with the foolery" (Bah)
When I walk in my school, all the staff "Woo" at me, I'm like, "You used to tutor me" (What?)
I stay in the cut like a Band-Aid (Cut) and that's where my shooters be (Bah)
Run down, gun tucked, tool on me, tool on me (Grrrt, woo)
Rah Swish, Pop Smoke (Pop Smoke), they do not know what you started
I pop a perc', go retarded, then mack up the 'Rari, then fuck in my grandma' departmеnt
I'm rockin' Louis V, Louis V (Louis V) 'cause I ain't too pressed with Dior
No tеlling, but I'm the Messiah, now I'm the creator, I got the drip in my pools
I can not never
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